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Ana Maria Hoffman

Lives and Works in New York City, NY

Ana Maria Hoffman was born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1985 in the midst of a civil war. Living her first seven years in such a hostile environment, Ana Maria found solace in art.

Ana Maria’s work explores the divine feminine. Layers of color, text, and collage create her imagery. Her narrative patchwork should be perceived as an ongoing meditative body of work
that speaks to her personal journey; as a woman, a sister, a partner, a mother and ultimately a human.

Although Ana Maria is influenced by the jewelry and the sculptural work she creates, her artistic practice is anchored by painting, which serves as her primary mode of personal expression. Working with paint and canvas allows her to be spontaneous, add layers, and capture her feelings in real time. With time and effort she hopes that the visual and spiritual resonance of her art expands beyond the mediums creating positive energy in the world.